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Did you know that throwing away your old computer is harmful to the environment? As the American economy becomes more and more reliant on electronic products, landfills are filling with electronic waste. You can be part of the solution!

Put your old computer to good use

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Protect the environment

Your old computer may contain hazardous chemicals and heavy metals including mercury, lead, and more. Prevent these toxic chemicals from polluting the environment by properly recycling your computer.

We accept the following:

• PCs

• Keyboards

• Modems

• Printers

• Computer accessories

• And more

Avoid wasting time and risking further damage by trying to resolve the problem own your own.  Danny's Custom Computer Service has 23 years of experience diagnosing and resolving computer problems.

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Are you having a problem with your computer? Before recycling it, bring it to Danny's Custom Computer Service to see if it can be repaired. We offer FREE diagnosis.

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Be responsible and recycle

your computer

Recycling your computer is easy! We are conveniently located at 131 East Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown. We work with all PC and Apple computer. To learn more about our computer services, click here.

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