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Sometimes a standard PC right off the shelf just won't cut it. When you do things that require a high level of performance like gaming or video editing, you need a more powerful system. On the flip side, maybe you don't want all the frills and extra software that comes with a typical system, so you want to build something that you know will work for what you need.

Not happy with the standard computer options?

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Prefer brand name systems?

If you have an existing brand name computer and are looking to upgrade the performance, you've come to the right place. We'd be happy to help!

Looking for a

gaming PC?

With Danny's Custom Computer Services, you can build an Alienware equivalent laptop or desktop - for a fraction of the price - which are designed to be the best gaming PCs.

If you've got a PC that needs repairing, contact Danny's Customer Computer Services for a FREE estimate.

We fix all computers

Our estimates are FREE and will include the cost of labor and parts. You won't get hit with any hidden fees after we're finished. All our prices are based on the individual repairs you need, so you'll never have to pay a flat rate.

Fair and honest pricing

Enjoy a computer unlike anyone else's - a system built just for you

Once you decide on the components and design of your custom built computer, we will help you set it up and show you how to use it in our store, before you take it home.

FREE set up and delivery

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